Imagine different versions of your life

Rabbit hole is not like ‘Alice in wonderland”. It chases mind of a mother who lost his son by a traffic accident. Nothing can condole her. Nothing can cure her broken heart. Nothing can keep her even minded. Only one can sooth her and that’s rabbit hole.

Rabbit hole is anther name of STRING theory of modern physics. It is related to “Parallel universe” and”Quantum theory”. Quantum theory means that quantum objects can exist in multiple states and places at the same time. That’s how parallel universes created.

Is it possible modern physics heal people who are hurt or broken hearted? This movie shows that’s possible if you believe in modern science. Obedience to God that leads people to imagine their dead child become an angel of the heaven doesn’t make sense to her. But modern science’s hypothesis that proves there are different versions of your lives(universese)┬áin different dimensions captures her. She can imagine her another universe to allow her to have a happy and peaceful life with her son. How fantastic it is! I was very impressed with her reaction to scientific theory and her effort to move into different way to overcome her pathos under the power of science. It also let me go beyond my present life and pathos.