Simple way to make vegetarian ramen

In the past, there were no ramen for vegetarians. But you can find several brands of ramen for vegetarians in Korea. How happy I am with them! I’m not a big fan of ramen but sometimes I miss the spicy taste of ramen. Usually ramen is done using a pot with boiling water. I have a special(?) kitchen ustensil to make ramen in a simple way.

This is a pot to make ramen using microwave.

You put all ingredient of ramen and water into the pot and have it boil inside a microwave about 5~6minutes. Then…

 Wow! vegetarian ramen is for you! I put some pieces of tofu, too. Doesn’t it look yummy? 🙂


Methods to attract people with vegetarianism or veganism

The article is very scientific and logical. But it sounds a bit aggressive and negative. That’s one of ways to bring persuasion to bear upon vegetarianism or veganism. You also have another way to convert people to vegetarianism or vegenism positively encouraging and inspring them: You show your happy, peaceful and compassionate life practicing vegetariansim or veganism.

Action is more powerful than speaking.

Do you think bread can be sexy?

Yep! Bread can be sexy. At least, this German bread, broechen.

I’m a lacto vegetarian. I eat diary products except eggs. My mom bake some bread without eggs. My family’s breakfast is consist of bread, fruit and homemade soy bean milk. Since my mom was into baking bread, broechen became one of my family’s popular brand. It looks really like butt and we even call them not broechen but “butt”. We enjoy those sexy butts in the morning.